environmental ethics

| February 10, 2016

environmental ethics
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A five- to six-page Term Paper is required (this counts 1/3 of final grade), which must focus on some important question in Environmental Ethics. You may wish to consult with the instructor in selecting a topic. A list of possible topics will be distributed, however, you may suggest a topic which emerges from your own thinking. The paper may present an argument on some important Environmental issue, which draws on ethical principals and sources of moral value to be discussed in class. It should give an account of the major positions taken up on either side of an issue, including arguments in support of each side. Finally, the student should give her/his own position as a resolution of the issue, along with her/his reasons that support it. Alternatively, the paper may be a Synthesis of the reflections processed throughout the semester, and ending by summarizing the principles and conclusions drawn by the student as a result. The paper should be carefully written. Close attention must be paid to grammar, word usage and spelling. This will help to make the term paper clear to the reader, and good philosophical expression should be clear. (Obviously, plagiarism is unacceptable and will be treated in accordance with written University policy. Plagiarism is easily detected with many software programs.) Contributions to and participation in discussions during our weekly meetings will be factored into the balance of the grade (the final approximately 7%).

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