Enter the missing valuesin the following financial statements. Assume the company

| September 29, 2018

Enter the missing valuesin the following financial statements. Assume the company started operations January 1, 2013, and all transactions involve cash. (Amounts in parentheses do not require a minus sign in front of them.)For the Years201320142015Income StatementsRevenue$430$530$830Expense(265)()(440)Net income$$115$390Statement of Changes in Stockholders’ EquityBeginning common stock$0$$9,700Plus: Common stock issued1,400340Ending common stock$8,300$9,700Beginning retained earnings03181Plus: Net income115390Less: Dividends()(65)(159)Ending retained earnings31312Total stockholders’ equity$$9,781$Balance SheetsAssetsCash$$$Land02,650Total assets$12,000$12,650$11,500Liabilities$$$1,148Stockholders’ equityCommon stock$$$10,040Retained earnings81312Total stockholders’ equity8,3319,78110,352Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity$12,000$12,650$11,500Statements of Cash FlowsCash flows from operating activitiesCash receipts from customers$$530$Cash payments for expenses()(415)()Net cash flows from operating activities165115390Cash flows from investing activitiesCash payments for land0(5,300)0Cash receipt from sale of land002,650Net cash flows from investing activities0(5,300)2,650Cash flows from financing activitiesCash receipts from borrowed funds3,66900Cash payments to reduce debt0(800)()Cash receipts from stock issue8,3001,400Cash payments for dividends(134)(65)()Net cash flows from financing activities11,835535(1,540)Net change in cash12,000(4,650)1,500Plus: Beginning cash balance012,0007,350Ending cash balance$12,000$7,350$8,850$

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