| October 22, 2018

THE ESSAY SHOULD BE FIVE PARAGRAPH FOR EACH(athletic vs dress shoes AND a good memory.)

essay should be about athletic vs dress
shoes. Your other essay should be about a good memory.
specific whenanswering the questions with this outline. The harder
you work with these questions the better your writing is going to be. I would
really focus on these questions and
use them to help your essay. For example, when asked what’s the attention
getter part of your essay, saying the thesis statement isn’t a specific answer.
What makes your thesis intriguing? Be clear here.

SUBMIT yourtwo revised and edited essays to the Dropbox labeledFinal Portfolio.

EN0600 Learning Plan 9: Checklist
LP9.2: Editing
1. Copy and Paste the “Introductions” and “Conclusions” to
the two essays that you will submit for portfolio evaluation into a
document. Then complete the following checklist prompts to
edit your revised essays before submission. You can address the
prompts by number in your document. Then attach the
completed document to Dropbox LP9.2 Assignment: Editing.
• What is the topic of your essay?
• How does your introduction capture your readers’ attention
and build up to your thesis statement at the end of
the paragraph?
• Put brackets around the last sentence in your
introduction. Does it contain your opinion or the point you want
to make?
• Put brackets around your re-stated thesis or point in your
• Is your point debatable? Why do you think so?
• Are transitions used effectively so that paragraphs move
smoothly and logically from one to the next?
• Circle three (3) transitions that you have used.
• Does the last sentence of your conclusion appropriate end
the essay? If not, revise it.
2. Complete an outline of your essay to determine if all the
paragraphs are arranged logically. Does each paragraph’s topic sentence
address a single topic or point? Does your evidence and
examples support your topic sentences? List and label at least one detail
that you used for each of your paragraphs to determine if
your paragraphs need more information.

Paragraph 1: Topic Sentence:

Paragraph 2: Topic Sentence:

Paragraph 3: Topic Sentence:

3. Complete the following editing checklist.
• Check the punctuation.
• Check word choices so that you have used words
• Check spelling and capitalization.

SUBMIT your answers to the Dropbox labeled LP9.2 Assignment:

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