ENG101 English Composition I Module 5 slp

| March 14, 2016

Module 5 – SLP Reading and Writing about Arguments

or this assignment, you will be writing a letter and two emails. Think carefully about the audience for each. Use the scenario below.

While browsing online, you found a “help wanted” ad for “your dream job,” working for the world-famous MegaCorp. (Before going any further, stop and think about what “your dream job” would consist of. Have fun with this! Write some notes about the job, and refer to them as you proceed.)

Per instructions in the ad, you immediately contacted MegaCorp by phone. The person in HR advised you to send them your resume by snailmail, accompanied by a cover letter of not more than two pages. In the cover letter, you should introduce yourself, and explain why you’re the person they’re looking for. Needless to say, the letter must be perfect with respect to grammar, spelling and style. First impressions are important! This letter is the first part of your assignment.

Next, you have to prepare your family and friends for the possible change in your life. If you get the job, you’ll have to relocate to another city, 1,000 miles away. Write a one-page email to a Significant Other (mother, father, sibling, friend — take your pick) explaining the job, why you’re applying for it, and why it would be worth the move. This email is the second part of your assignment.

Next, you have to get a day off your present job, to meet a representative of MegaCorp at a nearby location. Write a one-page email to your boss, asking for a day off. Explain the job, and descirbe the opportunity if offers. For the purposes of this exercise, you can assume:

(1) Your boss needs you, and giving you a day off would be difficult for her.

(2) Your boss, being honest, has advised you that your present job is a dead end (perhaps because you’re about to leave the military). She has urged you to find something else, because…

(3) Your boss is also a friend.

This email is the third part of the assignment.


You have three small separate assignments that can be included in one document. Please label each assignment properly. You will submit a two-page assignment and two one-page assignments as described above.
Consider your audience when writing.
Make your argument by using your personal strengths and weaknesses, abilities and expectations, and the characteristics of the (imaginary) job. Submit your work to CourseNet by the end of this module.

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