Employee Education and awareness on things like Malicious Spam

| June 14, 2018

Answer each one in about 100-150 words.1. Employee education on things like malicious spam is so important. My company actually sent out a fake email a few months ago that had a subject line “Growth Opportunity”. The note said that the employee had been hand-selected for a new division that was being formed. It then asked the employee to click on a link to update their personal profile information prior to an interview with the selection team. When the employee clicked on the link, it took them to a web page that explained that the original email was an example of phishing, and then showed all the ways that we could have figured that out by paying attention. It was a bit embarrassing, but definitely got the point across!2. Global cyber-crime is a frightening phenomenon that appears to be growing worldwide. One of the issues is that is it difficult for countries to punish foreign perpetrators, even if they can be identified. President Obama recently signed an executive order that allows the Secretary of the US Treasury to impose financial sanctions on foreign cyber criminals. Take a look at this short article: http://www.engadget.com/2015/04/01/us-can-sanction-foreign-cyberattackers/?ncid=rss_truncated. Do you think these sanctions will be effective?3. Identity theft is indeed a scary thing. I’m an Anthem customer, and have received several emails from them about the recent security breach. Anthem is providing customers identify theft protection free of charge as a result of the incident. Do you think they should have done that before there was a security breach, or do you think consumers should be responsible for purchasing their own identify theft protection?4. How will you go about finding a template for the assignment to write a paper using a Microsoft Word Memo template.5. What do you learn from http://www.lynda.com/member.aspx of “Office 365: Word Essential Training: Using Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers”, “Office 365: Word Essential Training: Creating New Documents with Templates”, “Office 365: Word Essential Training: Password Protecting a Document”, “Office 365: Word Essential Training: Restricting Editing for All or Part of a Document”.

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