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| September 2, 2016

ello Argenia,

I hope your week is going well. You stated, “Baseball players often suffer from shoulder injuries due to the repetitive overhanded throwing and not usually due to any traumatic injury.” This is true. Overuse injuries are common in many sports and baseball is not exception. The throwing motion of the shoulder is a kinetic chain movement. A kinetic chain is defined as when a movement from one joint affects the movement of another joint. According to Ellenbecker and Davies (2001) a kinetic chain is “combination of several successively arranged joints constituting a complex motor unit,” (para 1). It is called a chain because if one joint moves it causes another joint to move as if they were connected by a chain. In regards to the throwing motion of the athlete the movement begins when the pitcher picks up the lead foot which is followed by the hip and trunk and then the upper extremity. The smooth flow from one area of the body to the next creates an efficient and strong force. The force of the throw is created from energy being transferred from the trunk and lower extremities up to the arm and shoulder. However, muscles must stabilize the body as well to create an effective throw (Seroyer et al., 2010). What might be some muscles that stabilize the shoulder and trunk during the motion of throwing a baseball?


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Seroyer, S., Nho, S., Bach, B., Bush-Joseph, C., Nicholson, G., & Romeo. A. (2010). The kinetic chain in

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