Embry SFTY335 Module 7.8 Discussion latest 2016 july

| June 13, 2018

7.8 – Discussion: TWA Flight 800 Case Study Reflection1414 unread replies.2828 replies.In this discussion activity, address the following:Safety officials will tell you that there is a chain of events that leads to an accident. What was the chain in this case? How do you think this accident could have been avoided?Reply to at least two of your peers.Each Case Study Reflection Discussion activity earns a maximum possible score of 100 points: 60 points for your original primary response and 20 points for each of your two required replies. You are encouraged to reply as often as you wish to others. The 5 Case Study Reflections combined are worth 5% of your total grade. Review the following pdf document for grading guidelines:.pdf” href=”https://erau.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330224/download?wrap=1″>Case Study ReflectionDiscussion Evaluation Rubric.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330224/download?wrap=1″ title=”Preview the document”>.instructure.com/images/preview.png” alt=”Preview the document”>.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330224/download?wrap=1″ title=”View in a new window”>.instructure.com/images/popout.png” alt=”View in a new window”>

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