embry RSCH202 module 1 discuussion latest 2016 march

| April 14, 2018

Module 1 – Discussion: What does research mean to you?7272 unread replies.107107 replies.Discussion Topic: What is your definition of research? You may have “researched” a topic of personal interest in the recent past. Perhaps it was related to which degree to pursue, which branch of the military to join, which career to pursue, which car to purchase, which neighborhood to purchase a home in, or other decisions you needed to make. When you personally research a topic, it is something inherently interesting to you and you research it to learn about it so that you can make an informed decision. In this discussion board, introduce yourself by briefly telling your classmates your definition of research and about something you recently researched. Describe the techniques and tools you used to research your topic.Posting Instructions: You should make your initial discussion board posting no later than the fourth day of the week. Later in the week, return to the discussion, read the postings of your classmates, and comment on at least two of those. Remember to follow similar practice for other discussions throughout the course.

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