EDUCATION E03 – Which of the following is an example of an appropriate

| August 31, 2017

Which of the following is an example of an appropriate activity plan objective as described in your textbook?

A) The adult will select appropriate materials for the children to use

B) Children will think about seeds and leaves

C) The child will feel good about his or her participation in the activity

D) The child will put the story characters in sequence on the flannel board

Your textbook described the concept of developmental direction. Which of the following is an example of concrete to abstract?

A) Arnold learns the concepts of tall and short by building towers of blocks and then applies this knowledge to identifying tall and short objects pictured side by side in photographs.

B) Hannah practices fine motor skills by cutting out paper shapes and then reciting the names of the shapes

C) Carl learns the meaning of a word by memorizing a song and then using the same word in another song later

D) Sarah sees and hears the teacher read the same story man times and then begins to pick out certain words in the text herself.

Mrs. Ramsey plans a whole group time focused on preschoolers taking turns and writing for one another to speak. She plans to use a storybook to prompt conversation. Which of the following strategies would be most successful in addressing these goals?

A) Give each child his or her own copy of the books to so they have something to refer to during the discussion that follows.

B) Ask children to raise their hands before they speak and keep the conversation focused on the story only.

C) Divide the large group into smaller groups each led by an adult who talks with 3 or 4 children about the story.

D) Have a small group of children demonstrate how to take turns and listen, while others in the group observe.

Which of the following parts of the activity plan focuses on the effectiveness of your teaching?

A) The materials

B) The objectives

C) The evaluation

Ms. McElreath is trying to decide how many center activity slots to make available for her 16 students. Following the “rule of thumb” from the textbook, she should have ….. slots?

A) 16

B) 24

C) 30

D) 48

Four year old Sara waits to take a second helping until everyone else has one. Her teacher says, “Sara, you waited to take more snack. Now you know that everyone got a chance to have some crackers. That was a kind thing to do.” What strategy did her teacher use?

A) Positive consequences

B) Molding

C) Direct instruction

D) Communicating expectations

You ask a child preparing his portfolio, “Tell me why you selected that piece.” He answers, “I picked it because it was good.” Your response to this is to:

A) teach the child additional self reflection skills.

B) accept the child’s response without further comment.

C) tell the child that his answer is not well thought out and ask for another response

D) encourage the child to also tell what is wrong with the piece.

Michael Carter, a noncustodial parent, was interested in the reading level of his son Josh during his first grade year. He phoned the school in the middle of November only to learn that the parent conferences were just over. Mrs. Kundel, Josh’s teacher, arranged for another conference the following week. What characteristic of effective family involvement is this?

A) Collaboration

B) Variety

C) Intensity

D) Individuation

Mr. Diablo planned to work toward the intermediate objective of engaging in art criticism. Which of the following activities would most likely lead toward that goal?

A) Exploring sculptures

B) Dancing

C) Observing beautiful fish

D) Comparing cats in several picture books

Mrs. Stein incorporates marching, hopping, and skipping as she leads children out onto the playground, and encourages children to use the playground equipment creatively. Which standard of physical literacy standards is she supporting by these routines?

A) Demonstrates competence in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns

B) Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance

C) Achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of physical activity and fitness

D) Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and social interaction

Children in dramatic play are “cooking” for their babies and each other, but no one is “eating”. Their teacher sits at the table and says, “Can someone take my order?” Children excitedly look for the clipboard and pencils kept in the pretend play area. One Child comes to her, clipboard in hand, and says, “What can I get for you today?” What play intervention strategy did the teacher use?

A) Modeling

B) Mediating

C) Coaching

D) Expanding

Which of the following activities represents the civic ideals and practices theme withing the Social Studies curriculum?

A) Children make a family tree of their parents and grandparents

B) Children vote on a name for a class gerbil

C) Children study the interaction between home and workplace environments.

D) Children work on a food drive to combat hunger in their community.

A group of 4 year olds had been playing “flower shop” successfully for several days and Ms. Grausam has noted their flagging interest. What strategy would be the best to use in this instance to promote and expand this play?

A) Provide tissue paper and a wagon with a “Delivery Sign” attached to the back.

B) Ask the group why Jefferson is not involved in the play.

C) Make a non-directive comment about what the children are doing such as, ‘It looks like you are arranging flowers”

D) Observe carefully to see what happens next

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