| January 25, 2016

Throughout this course we will look at case studies involving children with EI. Please read the following case study and respond to the prompt at the end.
Lynn, a third grade student in Mr. Gonzalez’ class, continuously refuses to comply with redirections, bangs his fists on his desk while the class is working on an assignment, and is disrespectful toward Mr. Gonzalez. Lynn is earning average grades and an evaluation reveals that Lynn’s academic and achievement levels are above average. When Mr. Gonzalez was informed that Lynn did not qualify for special education services as a student with emotional disturbance because his behavior was not adversely affecting his educational performance, Mr. Gonzalez angrily responded that he would have to let Lynn fail. In a well-organized essay response, carefully explain to Mr. Gonzalez why Lynn did not qualify for special education services.
Ensure that your response is at least 200 words in length. Once you have submitted your journal entry, read your classmates journal entries and respond to at least one of them.

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