EDUC 4004 week 5 content review

| June 7, 2016

Review the “four powerful arguments for viewing active family involvement as the cornerstone of relevant and longitudinal educational planning” on pages 91–92 in your course text. Next, adopt the perspective of a parent of a young child with special needs. In your own words, explain why each point is vital to developing an effective plan for the successful education of your child.

To ensure effective partnerships with children’s families, all professionals who work with those families must recognize and respect individual family practices and beliefs, as well as strive to eliminate attitudes and behaviors that impede family involvement. Review “Professional Roadblocks to Communication” on pages 104–105 in your text. Choose one roadblock of particular interest to you. Then explain how you would apply the principles of effective communication on pages 102–104 to overcome this roadblock.

Describe three insights with regard to working with culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with special needs that you have become aware of through your readings this week. Explain what early childhood professionals can do to respond sensitively to the needs and challenges of specific families and their children with special needs.

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