Ed. Research

| September 15, 2020

 The purpose for conducting research is to investigate and solve a problem or answer a question. The first thing you must do to begin preparing an educational research proposal is to identify a problem or question of interest to you and are researchable. In this unit you should think about a problem or issue from your profession that is of interest to you and that you might like to investigate. The process of quantitative educational research is virtually the same as the Scientific Method you all learned in elementary school. For this Discussion you should identify a research problem, articulate the research question and specify the purpose for your research. 
Think about the research question. Restate your question and answer the following questions:

Why are you interested in this question?
What do you hope to learn and how will this impact your work as an educator?
Who else might gain from this research question (other teachers, school/company administrators, students, parents, etc.) and what will they gain?
Based on what you know about the topic, and your experience as an educator, what you do you expect the answer to your research question to be? Why do you think so?

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