ECON 400 – What are the two overarching theories

| August 31, 2017

Q1: What are the two overarching theories of how advertising works that Jones (1990) discusses?

What is the difference between them?

Which do you think is most commonly displayed in advertising practise?

Q2: What is the ‘wrong model of advertising’ that Heath and Feldwick (2008) describe?

What is the main aim of this model of advertising?

Why do Heath and Feldwick (2008) believe this is the wrong model to use to describe how advertising works?

Q3: Collect and describe current examples of a campaign where the marketers behind the campaign appear to ascribe to each of the theories discussed in Q1 and 2.

What is it about the campaign/ad that suggests it has been created with the theory in mind?

Collect an example ad for each and bring these along to your tutorial to share in class discussion.

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