ECON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper

| August 31, 2017

ECON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper

Sustainability:The ability to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising

the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

From a macroeconomic perspective (more global, large-scale) evaluate a large national or international entity (business, not-for-profit, or government agency) applying:

Two of the strategies of Natural Capitalism (see below )

These strategies provide a broad context for evaluating a national or international entity on the path to sustainability. Focus on two (2) of these principles. Don’t apply a principle if it doesn’t work!

Analyze the effectiveness of the entity in light of these two principles. Cite actions that the entity has taken that have altered its environmental impact, carbon footprint or some other measure. Make recommendations that believe could make a further difference in their overall sustainability.

Strategies of Natural Capitalism:

1. Radical resource productivity

2. Biomimicry ( Watch Janine Benyus video for context)

3. Service and flow

4. Investing in natural capital

(These four principles are introduced on pp. 10-20 of Hawken and Lovins. Natural Capitalism.)

Three sustainable living outcomesthat you MUST address in your paper:

1. Articulate practical solutions to social, environmental, and economic issues. (How is your entity accomplishing this?) This has also been expressed as the 3P’s: people, planet, profit and the triple bottom line: corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, traditional financial bottom Line) This outcome could be easily tied to the Strategies of Natural Capitalism above.

2. Employ knowledge of sustainability and technology to articulate practical solutions to real-world sustainability challenges.

(Focus on a couple of your company’s challenges)

3. Analyze social, economic, technological, and environmental systems and reason holistically.

Holistic: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts

In addition, answer this question: How would a society develop a sustainable economic


(The current global economy is not sustainable. What are some elements that if introduced to a society would enable the creation of a sustainable economic system. How could a single company through its efforts impact the economic system in which it operates? This requires critical thinking and creativity on your part. There is not a RIGHT answer to this question.)

Pay attentionto the document: ECON 200 Sustainable Living Research Paper Grading Rubric

Writing Requirements:

4-6 pages typed double-spaced, 12 point type font.

Use MLA or other understandable format.

Cite from at least one of each of these media:

1) Book including “Natural Capitalism”

2) Magazine or newspaper

3) Internet

Use the Evidence Log (Document in the Assignment tab) as part of your research. Make a note of every, book, magazine, newspaper, or internet article that you consulted and then what connections you made in your mind that lead you to consult another source. This can support you in creating your bibliography/works cited.

Include: bibliography/works cited page (s)

Note: Do notuse corporate website information exclusively. The Corporation will put their positive spin on their information and will not be totally objective. Be sure to find information from other sources to get some balance.

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