ECN 211 Assignment 3 Paper 2015 – Different economies grow at different rates

| November 24, 2016

Different economies grow at different rates. Three countries that have done very well over the last three decades are China, India, and Ireland. Both China and India are huge while Ireland is relatively small. The basic question for this assignment is why have these economies grown so quickly over the last three decades.

Find two sources* that describe economic policies of one of the countries over the last decade. Document each source. Using the policy information from the sources, make an economic argument as to why the policies would result in faster economic growth.

Remember that policies that increase economic growth include creating incentives, eliminating disincentives (taxes are included here), encouraging saving, encouraging research and development, investing in education, and expanding trade. There may be others.

The results of economic growth include a higher standard of living, a lower unemployment rate, increased longevity and better health care. These are not economic policies, they are the result of pro-growth policies.

Grading – 25 points total – 4 points for each documented source, 6 points for each argument, 5 points for spelling, composition and grammar.

*Note: Wikipedia is not a valid source. However a good wikipedia article has a number of sources listed at the bottom that may be valid sources. Also note that you are looking for reasons the growth occurred, not evidence that there was growth. These will typically be found in analysis and commentary rather than news or historical accounts.

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