: EBay Website Analysis

| October 22, 2018

EBay Website Analysis:Please identify a potential small business competitor to the type of e-commerce business you would like to develop as your group project. Perform and document the following analysis of the e-commerce business in a Harvard formatted paper. (My potential competitor is EBay website)After reading about e-commerce business models in the textbook, locate and select a small e-commerce company that might be a competitor to your group’s selected e-commerce Company. Visit its’ Website and review it for the following elements which you must then address in a Harvard formatted paper:· Identify the business, with its website address, and any information about the company’s management team and organizational structure.· Identify and discuss its business model(s). Tie what you see on the website to the theory in the text with Harvard formatted cites.· Identify and discuss its customer value proposition.· Identify and discuss its revenue model.· Identify and discuss its marketplace including its main competitors and what its market strategy appears to be.· Section headings are:The Company; Model(s); Customer Value Proposition; Revenue model(s); Marketplace, Competition and Strategies.Minimum number of words 500, referencing with Harvard style and the number of references not less than three Academic Articles or books. Please make sure that there is no Plagiarism

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