East and West, Zeuschner presents a broad range of ideas

| March 29, 2017

In Classical Ethics: East and West, Zeuschner presents a broad range of ideas “to help students reason about ethical principles as they occur in different cultural contexts, gain insights into the foundations of morality in Western contemporary civilization, and enrich their thinking with a perspective provided by cultures that do not share the same presuppositions of the Greek and Christian traditions” (Zeuschner, 2001).

Think about your professional life and the ethics and values that guide your (and your organization’s) behavior and decision-making processes. Discuss the following in your assignment:

What value is knowledge about the genesis and history of current-day beliefs?
In other words, in the arena of ethics, does history matter?
Should it matter to organizations as much, and in the same way, as to individuals?
Why study the history of ethical thought?
What does this historical context have to do with the present?
How does knowledge of the past help people better understand and prepare for future ethical decisions that will challenge them?

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