Earl Smith is a financial controller with Practical Solutions Pty Ltd, an entity that sells software products

| November 9, 2018

University of Western Sydney1. Answer the following questions – i.e. (a) to (e) inclusivea. Outline any ethical issues involved in Mr Smith taking the trip. Relate any ethical issues directly to the facts of the business case.b. Outline any benefits to Practical Solutions Pty Ltd of Mr Smith taking the trip.c. How might Practical Solutions Pty Ltd be able to visit Dogto Ltd in Los Angeles without the appearance of favoring Dogto Ltd?d. What would be the advantages and disadvantages to Practical Solutions Pty Ltd of having a code of conduct?e. List the principles you would include in a ‘Code of Conduct’ for Practical Solutions (PS) Pty Ltd and give a brief description of each. To assist you in determining this, you may like to examine the ‘Code of Conduct’ of: the company assigned to the group you were in during Weeks 1 to 4 of session; a government agency; and a university such as ours (UWS) or the University of Newcastle. Remember, PS Pty Ltd is a small to medium enterprise (SME).Required: (to be read in conjunction with the ‘Individual Assignment Marking Guide’, as set out on pages 6 and 7)

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