E-Business-Issues and Challenges

| September 13, 2020

E-Business – Issues and Challenges Ashmita Paul Abstract In today’s business climate, e-business can have an impact on every facet of the organization, including supply chain management, leasing, non-cash payment, mail order commerce or the rise of service economy. As said by Lou Gerstner, ex CEO of IBM, “E-business is all about time cycle, speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage”. E-business is transforming companies and industries, at an accelerating rate. Business cycles that used to be measured in years are now measured in days.
This paper deals with the various issues of e-business as well as the challenges being faced. Issues can be technological and non-technological. Technological issues investigated include telecommunication, hardware, software and the availability of technical skill sets. Non-technological issues are often related to intellectual property concerns, copyright, trademark, credit/cash policies and privacy. As companies have embraced the internet as a business medium, they have discovered that their biggest challenge is not only establishing connectivity and infrastructure but is the safe and secure transmission and sensitive information.
This paper focussed on emerging issues of e-business that are more high-up and stern in developing and emerging economies. An attempt has also been made in the paper to throw light on the challenges to e-business that are more related to strengthening success factors, establishing barriers to failure, diminishing barriers to success and fighting the failure factors. Key words: E-Business, Technological, Non-Technological, Challenges.

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