During the 5th and 6th Dynasties high ranking officials

| April 14, 2018

QUESTION 1During the 5th and 6th Dynasties, high ranking officials who ruled over remote areas were able to request the best and highest ranking royal artists from the capital cities to come and decorate their tombs.TrueFalseQUESTION 2According to our text, after Pepy II’s reign, the one centralized power collapsed and eventually reformed around what two central cities?Thebes and MemphisGiza and HerakleopolisMemphis and GizaThebes and HerakleopolisQUESTION 3Figures were positioned differently in front of offerings on funerary stelae. Describe the differences between those positions depicted in the Old Kingdom versus the First Intermediate period.QUESTION 4In pre-unification Theban relief style (the final stage of Upper Egyptian style), which of these is NOT a way in which facial features were represented?A black band encircles the eyeThe nose and ears are smaller and more delicateA cosmetic line runs from the corner of the eye to the earThe lips are thick and protrudingQUESTION 5What was one of the most distinctive characteristic of the mature male figure in the First Intermediate Period?Rolls of fatBroad shouldersFeet positioned togetherIncreased musculatureQUESTION 6This relief fragment depicts one of the many wives of ________________, and is one of the only surviving pieces from his funerary complex at Deir el-Bahri.QUESTION 7On a (stolen) statue in king Nebhepetra Montuhotep’s temple, the side of the throne is decorated with a sema tawy emblem. What did this symbolize?The King smiting foreignersUnification of two landsThe spirit moving from ba to kaRebirth from the lotusQUESTION 8The highly colored stelae of Inhurnakht and his wife had several characteristics typical of the First Intermediate Period. This comes from the ___________________ cemetery in Upper EgyptQUESTION 9It is strongly believed that this pharaoh help reunite Ancient Egypt:King Pepy IIKing Nebhepetra MontuhotepMany Herakleopolis kings contributedKing Senwosret IQUESTION 10Based upon the layout of the offerings of this funerary stela of Maaty, would this be considered to be First Intermediate Period or Middle Kingdom?First Intermediate PeriodMiddle KingdomQUESTION 11At the dawn of Middle Kingdown, a new type of statue was introduced. Known as the ____________ statue, the figure is seated on the ground with knees drawn up to the chest and is wrapped in a tightly fitted garment.QUESTION 12In the Middle Kingdom, the interior of coffins would often have a _________________ at the north end of the east side, that the deceased would face while laying on their left side.QUESTION 13This piece of jewelry is featured in our text and was highly valued to the precious stones that had to be procured outside of Egypt.. Match the precious stone to the area that it has to be obtained from:TurquoiseCarnelianWhite lapis lazuliA. SinaiB. Eastern DesertC. present-day AfghanistanQUESTION 14Which of these animals is generally NOT considered a strong protective symbol:CrocodilesLionsBaboonsCowsQUESTION 15Elite figures would often been shown with a receding hair line and bald patch to show their wisdom and maturity.TrueFalseQUESTION 16The area around Dendera in Upper Egypt served as a cult center for which goddess?HathorNutNephthysIsisQUESTION 17In the First Intermediate period and Early Middle Kingdom, pyramid texts were expanded to include guides and maps for the afterlife. These were now known as ____________?QUESTION 18The lotus flower was considered a symbol of:FertilityRe-birthReunificationSmitingQUESTION 19This wand or stick contains protective animals and is found in our textbook.The figure of Ipi has limbs of a lion, but a head of a:SnakeCrocodileFrogHippopotamus

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