Drugs and Society, (12th ed.)

| January 27, 2016

Drugs and Society, (12th ed.)
Based on the information in your text Drugs and Society, (12th ed.) and your perception of drug use in a specific community (example: like a city that has a high percentage rate of meth users in somewhere in North Carolina, or any other place like a city in New York that has a high percentage rate of drug users that might use crack cocaine etc…), write a minimum three page (double spaced, 1 inch margins, APA paper including in text citations, and abstract) essay identifying and analyzing a specific a specific drug problem in a particular community/area. You must use creditable sources to provide data that illustrates a specific drug problem (prevalence rates, hospitalizations, related illnesses…etc…). Compare the specific drug problem in the given area to state and/or national rates. Analyze organizational structure factors, as well as specific environmental, social factors within the community that may contribute to the specific drug problem. References should be cited in APA format. You must have a minimum of 4 references. just write a diagnostic essay on a drug crystal meth, that is being highly used in a particular community/area and tell about why that community is using the drug in high numbers. need to have some percentage rates some facts about the drug and some background information on who is using the drug you picked, how are they getting access to the drug, and some causes and effects of the community using the drug. i hope that this is more information to help you out. please call me and let me know if someone can do this paper so that i can make a payment. 9102573613 call me anytime if you need more understanding.
Comments from Support Team: what I have typed is what the professor wants. I gave you the instructions and all the details on how to write this paper.
Discipline: Health Promotion Degree

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