| December 20, 2015


We have read 2 dramas: a tragedy, ?Oedipus the King,? and a comedy ?Suppressed Desires.? What similarities do you see between them, in spite of their different tones, time periods, and endings? Quote from both works to show.

Topic : The exam is on the topic as assigned.
– 100
Clarity and Content: You developed your paper in enough detail that I was able to understand what you were saying. You made specific points of comparison and contrast among the 3 works.

Organization: your paper had a discernable introduction, body, and a conclusion commenting on the importance of what you said.

Knowledge of the Texts: You showed that you had read carefully and knew the two texts. Your answers did not distort the content of the works.

Handling of Evidence: You referred to the texts correctly by direct quotation in context. You commented on the importance of your quotations.

See Purdue University Online Writing Lab for more information. (For Oedipus, also see Quoting Poetry)


Editing: The paper was spell-checked and carefully proofread. You demonstrated a reasonable command of the conventions of academic writing.


Use of Sources Other Than the Texts: You do not need to use additional sources other than the 2 texts, but if you do, you acknowledged them in the text of your paper and in an attached Works Consulted list. Even paraphrases of other ideas must be acknowledged.
-up to 100

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