DQ Need back in 8 hours MPA6001

| May 7, 2018

As a current or future public administrator, you know that one of the most important approaches to research involves philosophical assumptions or the basic set of beliefs that guide actions. After a preliminary review of the literature on your topic, discuss your understanding of why the topic is important to study. This should lead to a final comment that includes your research problem statement.For this week’s discussion question, perform the following tasks:Select and analyze one topic from the following list of research topics for a research project:Health careHomelessness in your communityQuality of drinking water in your municipalityPublic transportationMunicipal financeLobbying by nonprofit organizationsEvaluate and explain in detail the philosophical view, such as postpositivist, social constructivist, advocacy and participatory, or pragmatic, that you will use for the research project.Explain the rationale for selecting a research topic.Provide your research problem statement.

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