DQ-APA format-150words minimum each

| June 11, 2016

)What are the current incentives and disincentives faced by medical students in choosing to become primary care versus specialty-focused physicians? What is the impact of credentialing and regulation of health care professionals (both nationally and state-to-state)? How would you change the system to become more balanced; that is, how would you attract more people to become primary care physicians?APA format 150 words

2)As health demands continue to change, we are seeing the demand increase for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. In fact, over the recent years, a large number of universities have added the programs to their curriculum. Numerous medical students choose specialties over primary care and we can see huge gaps in salaries. As you research the questions this week, share what you learn with us about Texas geographic location.APA format 150 words

3)What is the accepted explanation for the nursing shortage? Consider the following explanation: “There is no ‘shortage’ of nurses; there is a shortage of people willing to put up with the conditions nurses must work under.” Do you agree? Why or why not?APA format 150 words

4)Many of you may be aware about hospital closures occurring nationwide. Please share what is happening Texas with us. APA format 150 words

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