| November 30, 2016

Based in this argument I need a good comment( related to this argument) to

The American Nurse Association[ANA] describes the nursing role as the protection

and promotion of health while preventing illness and injury and lessening the

suffering through diagnosing and treating patients; All the while advocating

for the patient, their family and the community (American Nurse Association

[ANA], 2016). The definition incorporates and encompasses the four metaparadigm

concepts of individual, health, environment, and nursing.

The individual is the patient and the nurse’s role

is to center care around the patient. The health of the patient is completed by

preventing illness and injury. The environment is external to the patient, but

includes their family and extends to the community. The nurse’s role is to

promote health, prevent injury, and advocating for the patient and community.

American Nurse Association. (2016). Retrieved from http://nursingworld.org/EspeciallyForYou/What-is-Nursing

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