Doyou believe that problem solving is an important and

| October 3, 2018

Using appropriate references to theory and literature to back up your opinions and arguments:a. Doyou believe that problem solving is an important and useful skill for a professional accounting advisor to have? Why or why not?b. Assuming that you now have a job as a graduate accountant working within a public accounting firm and that your partner presents you with a client problem.What approach would you adopt to solve the problem? You may wish to frame this question (and your response) by providing an example of a potential client problem.Whereverpossible, you must use theory and literature to support your views.Youmust also use the APA referencing style and have a list of references at theend.Youshould have a total of at least 4 relevant and reliable references in order to critically reflect on these questions.Yourwriting must be in the first person, that is, you must write using the word ā€œIā€, as in”Ibelieve ā€¦”, “I disagree with ….”, “in future, i will …”. This is very important as this assessment is a self-reflection so you must express your critical views and opinions on these issues.It is also important to note that on completion of this unit, you will probably begraduating and entering the accounting profession.

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