DMBA620 Week 1 Assignment

| December 1, 2017

Week 1 Suggested Assignment

Please discuss
the Inclusive Wealth Report (IWR).
United NationsUniversity’sInternational Human Dimensions
Programme, (UNU-IHDP) andUnited Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP), 2012.
Inclusive Wealth Report 2012. Measuring progress toward sustainability. Summary
for Decision-Makers. Bonn: UNU-IHDP.
Define Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
and the Human Development index in your own words. You may need to do a bit of
research to define these.
Define Inclusive Wealth and its
components. Why might GDP alone be insufficient to measure a nation’s
Can you think of other possible
indicators of a nation’s progress? Explain.
Feel free to give your thoughts on
this report and its practical application or implications.

Be sure to proof read, spell and
grammar check, write succinctly, and provide appropriate references using APA

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