Dispensing with the personal saga for the moment, what were some of the obstacles

| June 13, 2018

Alexander, D. (2016, July). Cannabis
capitalist: Scott’s Miracle-Gro CEO bets big on pot growers. Forbes.


General Guidelines for Analysis
Paper 2:

Introduction: Start your analysis by giving a brief overview of the article (no
more than 1-2 paragraphs). Many times, this is an excellent place in
your essay to state the problem, if one exists, that the authors are attempting
to evaluate.

Body: Then you discuss the particulars within the body of your paper.
This part will be 2-3 paragraphs. Answer the remaining discussion
questions. This part of your essay is where you get the chance to evaluate the
problem (or puzzle) through the lens of the concepts you have learned in the

Conclusion: This is where you highlight in 1-2 paragraphs what you
thought were the most important, relevant, or intriguing aspects of the
article. You could also elect to write that you were not impressed because you
thought the article was too pedestrian or hackneyed. Regardless of which way
you swing, you must give an insightful reason.

By utilizing these guidelines, you
should write no more than 1 page with single spaced, 12 sized
Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins to give a good, concise analysis. If
you find that you have too much information, find a way to trim it down. Your
analysis paper SHOULD NOT be in list or bulleted form.You will write
an essay in clear paragraph form.

Discussion Questions for Analysis
Paper 2:

Dispensing with
the personal saga for the moment, what were some of the obstacles facing Jim
when he decided to invest in the cannabis industry? What was the catalyst for
Jim’s idea?
Utilizing the
Resource Based View in chapter 4 and lecture, define cannabis as a strategic
Relate, if you
can, how Jim grew up—his experiences—with his tenacity to make “extreme
Where is Jim
going with the cannabis division now? Where are his sights for the future?
If you had to
do a brief SWOT analysis for Scott’s Miracle-Gro with Jim at the helm, what
would you include? Remember that SW refers to internal evaluations and OT
refers to external evaluations (p. 33).
guidelines are just that. Guidelines are not mandates by definition. They exist
to help you get started, but at some point you have to “take charge.”
Within my guidelines, I advise giving an overview of the paper in the
introduction. This would be a great place to state the problem in summary,
which is the first discussion question (DQ).
For the body of the paper,
sometimes articles will discuss several major points and several minor points.
Without a guideline such as the one I posted, students may think they need to
cover all of them when, really, the article usually, clearly focuses on only 3
to 4. The metaphor, “a good rule of thumb,” is not a mandate either.
It is simply a guideline that does not need to be taken literally.
In the introduction of your
paper, you likely already gave an overview of these few areas within your
summary of the problem and the proposed solution, if there was one. So, in the
body, you need to flesh them out while also answering the DQ’s. The format I
require is that of the somewhat antiquated essay that is still used in the
world (known as Memorandums, for example). Each paragraph has a topic sentence,
which is the main idea, and usually 1-3 supporting sentences. I would answer
each DQ in a different paragraph.
Your conclusion is the last
paragraph of your paper in which you address how you felt about the relevance
of the article and whether or not you felt the article was of interest. Good

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