Discussion Project Communication Issues

| January 30, 2017

Discussion Project Communication Issues

Obamacare website controversy and project related outcome


Planned budget = $93.7M

Final cost = $1.7B {18x planned budget}

a. Do a little review of some of the various articles, reviews, and insights into this project. Try to find a couple involving Luke Chung, who testified a couple times with congress about this project and his findings and opinions (expert SME?)

b. Given the GAO’s findings on the budget and project controls oversight, or lack thereof, where do you think communications broke down with this project? Why all the errors in accurate reporting?

c. If you were on this project, and planning out the communications portion of the project, what would you have recommended, and why?

d. As the project started to “drift off course”, what changes to your plan you recommended in C above would you change, and why?

I want on Saturday at 12P.M and also I want every question answered below

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