discussion for Eng 101 descriptive writing

| March 14, 2016

Post aminimum 300 word response to the following:

After reading the textbook sections about description and narration, share with the class how you think the characteristics of both can be used to effectively reach an audience. Then, share specifically which of the characteristics, highlighted in our reading (specific details, appropriate details, vivid descriptions, sensory details, chronological order, realistic dialogue, authentic characters) do you thinkis the most important and why?

In selectingand describingthe characteristic that you think is most important, please be sure to include an example of your own creation that shows the characteristic being used effectively. For example, if you think realistic dialogue is the most effective means of connecting with an audience, then share a bit of dialogue that you’ve written that illustrates this.

In constructing your response, please be sure to cite material from our course textbooks to support the points you are trying to make (remember that our class utilizes MLA formatting). At least two different citations, with corresponding reference entries, are required.

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