| September 17, 2020

The West has become the object of Islamic extremism and hatred…Almost 400 people have been charged with terrorism since 9/11 (newamerica.org  Terrorism After 9/11)  Mass killings by Muslim extremists have also taken place around the world.  In this week’s Discussion, review the Open Letter To America by Osama Bin Laden to see the arguments he makes against America and Israel, and take note of Scriptures from the Koran he uses to validate his point.  Go into the mind of an Islamic Extremist and see how he thinks about America.
–      In the mind of Islamic Extremists:  “A Letter To America”  by Osoma Bin Laden

V   View the following website which includes the letter from Bin Laden and respond to the questions below:      
1. Summarize in your own words what Bin Laden is stating to America.
2. 2. Are there points in the letter that you agree and which do you disagree? Why?
3.   3.  What can Americans and our political leaders learn from this letter?
F    4 From Bin Laden’s letter, what is your understanding of the reason behind the violence by  Islamic radicals against the West after reading this letter?  

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