| December 9, 2017

Look out Spotify! Apple set to reveal Beats-Powered streaming music app in June – but is struggling to sign up record labels
1. Explain why you believe or don’t believe Apple’s Beats music streaming app will be successful.
2. Is Apple’s alleged trouble/delays in signing up record labels a sign of things to come for the music app?
Apple is expected to charge $9.99 per month, and will have no free
tier. If this is true, why do you think Apple chose to go the route of
no-free tier?
4. Explain how Beats could be different and more appealing, especially to those who use Apple.
5. Do you think Apple will eventually go the route of YouTube and have a streaming music web service? Explain your answer.

6. Is the decision to not offer a free-tier a good or a bad move? Explain your answer.

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