Discussion 3069 / Discussion 3069

| April 8, 2018

Based on this week’s module, create a response to one of the following prompt options and, if possible reply to a student who chose another option. Remember to go outside the course material for additional quality sources to use in your own response and in your replies. just pick one the questions.
OPTION 1: Discuss the role that sexual shame plays in people’s sexual behavior. Choose a sexual issue such as sexual compulsion to sexual addiction, homosexual behavior, adultery, a paraphilia such as exhibitionism, etc. Consider both clinical and a biblical worldview (integration) in how to help that person work through their shame and sin.
OPTION 2: Address the ways that aging impacts sexuality and sexual functioning. Consider the roles that biological, social, psychological, and spiritual factors play in the aging process. Describe one way that you would help an aging couple with sexual functioning and/or sexual relationship

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