| November 30, 2016

After reviewing the link to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), discuss the implications of the act from the viewpoint of a specific population which represents some type of health disparity, as defined in your readings this week. Look specifically at your state and see if you can locate specific information on how the ACA has been implemented at the state level and how this is reflected in the care of the individuals in the group you specify.

In your textbook, Nickitas (2011) describes two theoretical constructs that attempt to explain the relationship between health and some of the social causes identified as part of our definition of health. The importance of this relationship, according to Nickitas, is that it helps to describe how we develop interventions to improve health outcomes. The two theoretical constructs discussed in your textbook are: Life Course Theory and the Theory of Vulnerability.

In this discussion, select one of the theories and apply it to a health promotion concept related to your course project.

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