Discussion # 1: After many years of veneration, Christopher *

| October 22, 2018

Discussion # 1:After many years of veneration, Christopher Columbus has become very controversial. What is your opinion about him? Was he a hero or a villain? Refer to the text for information; you may also want to refer to the article about Columbus in the wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Columbus#Perceptions_of_ColumbusDiscussion assignment # 2Your book discusses Puritans and Quakers during the colonial era. Which group do you think most closely resembles modern day Christians and why?(Chapters 1, 2:)Discussion # 3 question: In your book, you’ve been reading about Spaniards, English, and Native Americans. It seems that particularly after 1622, for example, the English and Natives were forever at war. People such as Roger Williams and later Benjamin Franklin believed Natives and European colonists could coexist peacefully. Do you believe this might’ve been possible? Why or why not? How might they have coexisted?Discussion # 4: It has sometimes been said that many colonists came for religious freedom. Do you think they attained this? Why or why not? Use examples in your writing. You may want to comment about the level of religious freedom we have today in the U.S.***** the book is The Narrative History Brief 9th

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