discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.

| February 5, 2016

discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.
I will not be able to provide any copy of the book/any chapters of the book so please make sure that you have it before doing this project. let me know if you have questions. Please have the textbook Goldfield, David, et al, The American Journey, CR 2015. (chapters 1-16). Sheets, Kevin B. (ed. ) Sources for America’s History. Vol. 1,

Answer the following questions as completely as possible. The questions are based off of the readings from chapters 5-8 in the textbook.

1. What was the outcome of the French and Indian War?How did the British resolve to finance the debt of the war? How did this affect relations between the crown and the colonists? Be sure to provide examples of legislation and reactions by colonists to such acts.

2. What is the definition of “revolution?” Based on that definition, was the American Revolution a true revolution? What conditions changed in the colonies after independence Was gained? In particular, how did the war provide benefits (if any) to groups like African Americans, women, native Americans, and poor white farmers?

3. What were the major differences in beliefs between the Federalists and Antifederalists? Be sure to provide examples of Federalist influence within the constitution. The actual document itself is a legacy to the Federalists but provide examples of parts of the constitution that Federalists wanted added to fix the Articles of Confederation.

4. Explain the major events of the John Adams presidency. How did the crises at home and abroad shape his administration and help the Republicans win the election of 1800?

This exam is due on Wednesday December 23rd by 10:00pm. Answers need to be submitted in Word format and in 12 font, double-spaced. Be sure to number your answers. Each answer needs to be AT LEAST 2 PAGES IN LENGTH.

Exams need to be submitted by clicking on the title link and attaching it there. LATE exams will receive a 20 point deduction for each day submitted past the due date.

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