Discrimination in the Board Room

| August 30, 2017

Discrimination in the Board Room


As the Director of Human Resources, an African American woman enters your office and says she was discriminated in the hiring process for a position she applied for and is threatening to sue the organization.

To protect the company, you need to show there was no discrimination in the hiring process. Using the tools we have learned, describe the process or steps you take.

Hint – consider the steps: 1. develop an alternative and null hypothesis (what are they?), 2. what data would you gather?, 3. “Would you compare the hiring of African American woman between your organization and other organizations?” If you do and then ran an ANOVA test (see powerpoint notes re ANOVA and the “golf club model” (file Mercy_anova_berenson_c11) page 24 and following, “What would you hope the findings will be?”

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