Devry SPCH277 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2015 October

| January 30, 2017

Discussion 1

Why is knowing your audience an important part of capturing and maintaining their attention? What aspects of your audience should you consider before you speak that might influence what you present? How will you make your presentation relevant and interesting to your audience?

Discussion 2

If you have not already done so, read the Presentation tab under Course Home and review the PowerPoint narration tutorials. There are more tutorials in this week’s lecture. Practice using your microphone and volume controls on the computer that you will be recording with, and learn to use the PowerPoint narration feature. You are required to use PowerPoint for your narrated speech PowerPoint presentation, which is due next week, Week 6.

You will be doing your PowerPoint presentation on October 5th (Week 6). Have you ever experienced “death by PowerPoint” when a speaker bored you with their presentation? Why was their presentation so bad? What are some common PowerPoint mistakes that you should avoid with your presentation?

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