devry sbe330 week 5 and week 6 discussions latest 2015

| June 14, 2016

week 5

Standards for Ethical Behavior (graded)
Many legal standards exist that businesses are required to meet in order to ensure product safety. These standards tend to be well defined, and adherence is a generally accepted risk mitigation strategy. Less quantitative risks exist, often in the area of ethical behavior, and Table 2.2 enumerates assumptions often made about the large portion of the world living at or below the poverty line. Do such assumptions represent ethical challenges? Why, or why not?

Social Entrepreneurship and Profits (graded)
Social entrepreneurs generally attempt to create win-win situations and make the world a better place. Is making the world a better place ethically incompatible with making a profit? Why, or why not? Can you identify a firm with a high degree of focus on social good and ethical conduct that also returns a respectable profit?

week 6

Business Models (graded)
Describe the major components of a business model. Which component do you identify as the foundation component? Why?

Measuring Innovation Efforts (graded)
Is value-added a useful measure of the benefits of innovation efforts? Why, or why not?

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