devry sbe330 week 3 and week 4 discussions latest 2015

| June 3, 2016

week 3

Innovation Life Cycle (graded)
Describe the innovation life cycle proposed by Abernathy and Utterback (see page 332 of the text). Does the model provide a useful tool to guide and manage the innovation process? Do you see any weak points in the model?

Innovation—Does Serendipity Apply? (graded)
Can accidents spur innovation efforts or is innovation a rigid process with no tolerance for accidents?

week 4

Product Development and the Business Plan (graded)
Which section or sections of a business plan submitted to venture capitalists are the strongest and which sections are traditionally the weakest? Identify and discuss at least two weak sections of traditional business plans.

Evaluating the Product Development Process (graded)
In your opinion, how many gates or stages should a new product development process have? Would you eliminate any of the gates enumerated in the text? Why, or why not?

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