devry sbe330 week 1 and week 2 discussions latest 2015

| June 9, 2016

week 1

Innovation as a Process (graded)
As a process, innovation comprises opportunity recognition, resource identification, venture development, and value creation. What are some of the ways the entrepreneur recognizes opportunities? When creating value, are financial gains the only measure of value?

Innovation—Strategy and Purpose (graded)
Should innovation activities be linked to our efforts to develop a strategic advantage or should innovation efforts be experimental with an objective of finding products or services that may be profitable at some indefinite point?

week 2

Characteristics of Innovation Opportunities (graded)
What are the characteristics that define incremental/do better innovation, radical/do different innovation, and existing frame/new frame innovation? Which innovation activity is the most risky, and why?

Reframing Innovation as a Strategy (graded)
What is the primary characteristic of the reframing innovation strategy? Why is the reframing strategy difficult to execute within established organizations?

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