devry psyc110 week 5,6 and week 7 discussiosn

| September 28, 2018

week 5Physical, Cognitive and Social Development (graded)Human development is a process in which there are various cognitive, physical, social, and emotional milestones from conception to death, all of which require mastery. Our discussion begins with an exploration of physical development. All stages are essential for development, however, if you had to rank the importance of these physical stages, which would you rank as most important? Please provide an explanation to support your answer.Sexuality and Gender (graded)Understanding sexuality varies from culture to culture, yet there are basic biological, cognitive, and emotional components in sexuality and sexual development. A good starting point in understanding our topic this week will be to explore the issues of sexual identity and gender role. What is the difference between the two and what are some examples of sexual identity and gender roles?week 6Stress (graded)We are exploring the nature of stress, its effect on human functioning, and techniques to minimize stress. What is the biggest source of stress you have in your life? What is the most effective technique you have used to handle it?Social Psychology (graded)Why is it that some people will blame others for their misfortunes yet excuse themselves of responsibility when they fail? Explain the fundamental attribution error and the self-serving bias and offer some suggestions as to how to avoid those errors.week 7Psychological Disorders (graded)Despite the best efforts of psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical researchers, psychological disorders appear to be as prevalent today as they ever were—if not more so. What might be the cause of this phenomenon? Inadequate genetic makeup? Inadequate parenting? Inadequate social structures? What is different in our culture today than in previous generations? Please provide support for your opinion.Theories of Therapy (graded)At some point in your life you may think you need therapy. At some point in your life, you may think a coworker or a family member needs therapy. Should you find yourself in that situation, which type of therapy would you recommend for another person or yourself: psychoanalysis, cognitive, humanistic, group, behavioral, or biomedical (medication or surgery)? Why? (If you would recommend no treatment for yourself or a coworker, please explain your rationale for this.)

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