devry psyc110 ch1 post test

| December 8, 2017

Because psychologists want to be precise and measure as
carefully as they can, they use ________ to study psychology.

the scientific method

functionalism and structuralism

mental processes


A ________ has a medical degree and is a medical doctor who
specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.




psychiatric social worker

What is the main advantage of laboratory observation?

it is most cost effective

reactions of people and animals in the laboratory are the
same as in the real world

the degree of control it gives the researcher

the researcher gets to know the subject in great detail

If there is _________ in a medical experiment, the control
group will show changes in the dependent variable even if they are given a
harmless substitute rather than a real drug.

observer bias

an observer effect

a placebo effect

random sample

If a correlation coefficient is positive:

the two variables increase in the same direction.

the two variables have an inverse relationship.

the number is represented by the letter p.

only one of the variables goes up.

In an experiment, it is best to divide participants into the
control or experimental group by:

using random assignment.

studying each participant’s personality.

determining the participants’ familiarity with the study.

surveying the participants first.

If deception is necessary, participants must then be
_________ after the study.

escorted from the facility



apologized to

Which of the following is a guideline for doing research
with people?

Participants cannot just quit without a valid, logical

Participants must understand that confidentiality is not

Participants must be allowed to make an informed decision
about participation.

Deception is never justified.

Feedback: Correct.
Ethics of Psychological Research, p. 34

Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis:

has been completely rejected by modern psychologists.

is still in use by professionals today, with less emphasis
on sex and sexual motivations.

has no place in modern scientific study.

is as commonly used today as it was a few decades ago.

Feedback: Correct.
Psychology Now: Modern Perspectives, p. 14

________ focuses on how people think, remember, store, and
use information.


Cognitive psychology


Objective introspection

Feedback: Correct.
Psychology Now: Modern Perspectives, pp. 14-15

Which of the following illustrates psychology’s goal of

using rewards to help a smoker give up cigarettes.

observing the behavior of children in preschool.

predicting students’ university grades based on their high
school grades.

giving psychological tests to a new therapy client to
determine the client’s symptoms.

Feedback: Correct.
What Is Psychology?, p. 5

Dr. Edwards wants to show a causal relationship between
tobacco smoking and cancer. Dr. Edwards should:

find a correlation between smoking and the rates of cancer.

conduct an experiment using animal participants.

observe people smoking.

conduct a telephone survey asking smokers about their

Feedback: Correct.
Ethics of Psychological Research, p. 35

If a researcher is observing a third grade classroom in full
view of the students and finds that all the students are extremely quiet,
polite, and attentive, what would the researcher most likely conclude?

The teacher is very strict.

The students’ behavior is due to the observer effect.

A survey would be a better approach.

The students are gifted.

Feedback: Correct.
Psychology: The Scientific Methodology, p. 23

By making a loud noise when “Little Albert” was
presented with a rat, John Watson taught the baby to fear rats. This proved

phobias could be learned through conditioning.

children are inherently afraid of rats.

loud noises always elicit a fear response in humans.

rats can easily frighten young children.

Feedback: Correct.
Psychology Then: The History of Psychology, p. 11

Who was the first female president of the American
Psychological Association?

Margaret F. Washburn

Mamie Clark

Francis Cecil Sumner

Mary Whiton Calkins

Score: 2

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