Devry MKTG410 week 6 assignment

| November 28, 2016

Course Project: Sales Promotion Campaign due.

Course Project: Public Relations Campaign due.

A two- to three-page document outlining:

Sales promotion
Public relations
Each promotional mix tool requires objective, budget, message, media strategy, media plan and artwork.
Due Week 6– Course Projects: Sales Promotion Plan&Public Relations Plan

This week you’ll be developing and turning in 2 more separate plans, a Sales Promotion Plan AND a Public Relations Plan. These plans eachrequirefour sections; objective(s), a budget, a message strategy, a media plan and OPTIONAL artwork. As noted last week, these sections should be different this week (versus last week) and, different from each other given the benefits/applications of each specific promotional area/category. In sum, you’ll be answering what your objectives are for these particular promo mixes that you developed? What will these plans cost to deploy/use (you’re building a line-item budget for all of the associated costs)? What is your message strategy for each specific promo mix (use the book for guidance on message strategies)? What’s your media plan and why; the book will help you choose and justify your selections as well as the IMC supplements in Doc Sharing, which are critical to helping you do well.

Finally, a variety of “artwork” possibilities are listed for the optional art for each promo mix:

Sales Promotion Plan -Artwork is optional, but can include your OWN developed examples such as coupons, marketing “bundles”, sales signs, etc…

Public Relations Plan -Artwork is optional, but can include your OWN developed examples of public relation ads, event plans, publicity stunt plan, mock press releases, and so forth.

Important Grading Notes/Requirements:

– EACH promotion mix assignments MUST be at least 2-3 pages in length and be sure to subtitle each section in your paper by each of the above requirements (i.e. objective, a budget, a message strategy, a media plan and artwork).

– Use your book and lecture readings as well as your own independent research to understand both how and specifically what to address for each required topic area.

– Refer to theAssignment DetailsClass Announcementas well as the410 MKTGIndividual Campaign Guidein Doc Sharing which is critical for providing additional support and guidance on meeting the assignment requirements. Utilize theHow to conduct research and use Lexis.pptin Doc Sharing for support on how to conduct independent research if you are not familiar about how to do so. While optional, consider readingDH 410 Presentation Skills in Marketing.docxin Doc Sharing (at the bottom of the list) to help you with properly writing reports for this class.

– Points will be awarded based on your ability to comprehensively address each of the required sections, grounded on/utilizing our course concepts as well as your ability to write a profession

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