devry ltre421 week 6 discussion latest 2017

| August 31, 2017

Week 6 discussion


Sarah from the Week 6 You Decide has written two potential thesis statements to work from.

For thesis 1: In the story Battle Royal, Ralph Ellison shows that a society in which one group of powerful men can legally humiliate another group of men without punishment makes social equality impossible.

For thesis 2: The narrator of Ralph Ellison’s Battle Royal learns that in the segregated South of the 1940s, African-Americans were in a constant battle against racist oppression, but had no clear strategy for winning the battle.

In this week’s discussion, choose one of the thesis sentences and state which critical perspective better fits that thesis, then explain what kind of research evidence Sarah should look for to support her thesis and provide details from the story Battle Royal that best support that thesis.


In David Henry Hwang’s Trying to Find Chinatown, Ronnie says to Benjamin “There’re worlds out there, worlds you haven’t even begun to understand.” What does he mean by this? Using Trying to Find Chinatown and one other literary reading from this week except Battle Royal, explain how Ronnie’s statement is a theme in literature about race and ethnic relations.

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