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| July 29, 2018


Scenario Summary

As a well-known expert consultant for all matters related to
corrections, you have been asked to assist prison officials in making
recommendations for specific treatment programs targeting inmates presenting
with a wide variety of identifiable disorders. The correctional staff has
openly admitted the difficulty they have experienced identifying intervention
programs that properly address the needs of their inmates. Relying on your
expertise in both the areas of clinical assessment of mental health disorders
and co-occurring disorders, as well as your knowledge of treatment and
intervention programs available prison inmates, you have agreed to assist the
staff with this problem.

Your Assignment

You are the outside consultant known for your expertise in
clinical assessment of mental health and behavioral disorders common prison
inmates. In this capacity, you have been asked to decide based on the symptoms
and your diagnosis, the type of intervention program that is likely to have the
greatest impact on the inmate’s well being. In your response, make sure to
identify the problem and the mental health disorder, if one exists, using
information from your text as well as information from creditable Internet
sources. Of special interest is your ability to recommend a specific program to
assist this inmate in their attempts to complete a reentry program. Search the
Internet for programs currently in use at state and federal correctional
facilities and apply your findings to each of the following cases. Remember to examine
the evaluation literature regarding the programs you select.


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Inmate #1
This inmate is a 25-year-old female convicted of
second-degree murder in the killing of her intimate partner, also female.

The facts are:

A history of serious antisocial behavior beginning during
Difficulty establishing and maintaining social relationships
A history of promiscuity
A substance use problem since age 12
Foster care reports she was difficult to manage and
noncompliant in the home, problems which persisted when entering school
She had few friends and is thought to have a learning

This inmate is a 45-year-old male, career criminal convicted
of assault with intent to commit murder and sexual assault; charges stemming
from an attack of a young female co-worker.

The facts are:

A history of “hot-blooded” aggressive acts
Displayed temper tantrums as a child that have continued
into adulthood
Exhibits vengeful hostility towards other inmates and staff
On a limited basis, exhibits a lack of emotional control
when angered
Was abused as a child
Parents were described as cold and harsh

Inmate #3
This inmate is a 65-year-old male sentenced to prison for
the murder of his business partner; an incident that occurred nearly
twenty-five years ago. He has been a model prisoner throughout his stay; but
has recently shown signs of aggression toward other inmates and staff.

The facts are:

He is possessive of personal items and controlling in
interpersonal relationships
He appears to be unreasonably jealous of other inmates and
treats his cell mate like property
Exhibits behaviors commonly associated with conjugal
He considers himself inadequate, incompetent, and from
testing it has been learned he suffers with low self-esteem
He had an alcohol abuse problem before coming to prison and
continues to present symptoms of substance use
He has poor communication skills


Activity or Assignment

Please complete this assignment and submit your paper to the

Grading Rubric






Demonstrates a general understanding of the behavioral
traits and psychological symptoms listed and recommends a viable treatment or



Applies careful thought when making the diagnosis and
presents evidence in support of the recommended treatment or intervention.


Clearly and succinctly writes answer using strong
organization and proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Citations are in
APA format.


A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver
tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read
these step-by-step instructions or watch this Tutorial Dropbox Tutorial.

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