DEVRY JADM435 WEEK 1 and 2 discussions

| July 29, 2018

week 1Current Problem – Overcrowding (graded)As the sheriff of a large county (population over 2 million), you are responsible for a large jail complex consisting of numerous buildings of varying ages. The original jail building, which is nearly 100 years old and houses 600 prisoners, has crumbling infrastructure and is no longer habitable. Those prisoners must be assimilated into the rest of the complex, causing severe overcrowding. Building a new jail is not an option. What solutions would you explore immediately? With your capacity permanently reduced, what options would you consider for the future? Explain.Privatization (graded)Privatization has been touted as a practical solution to the problems of overcrowding and rising costs facing jail systems. What issues would you address with the potential bidders for the contract to privatize your jail system? Be sure to address what reassurances or proven track record you would need for the following: responsibility and liability, training, the use of force, and union issues involving current employees and job loss. What would you consider the most important factor in making your decision to privatize or not privatize? Explain.week 2Secure Environment Through Behavior ManagementJail security is a significant concern for administrators regardless the size of the facility. How important are efforts at assessing the needs of the inmates and what part does this process play in the development of an overall security plan for a jail? And based on information from your readings, an Internet search of related publications, or your personal work experience, what methods seem best suited for efforts by jail staff to define and convey expectations for inmate behavior? In your opinion, what measures should jail staff use to hold inmates accountable when violating jailhouse rules?STG ProgramLet’s talk security threat group programs. Using the Internet, locate and briefly summarize a credible publication on the topic of state or federal prison security threat group (STG) programs. In your initial post, describe the program, where it is used, and the criteria used to identify inmates who pose a significant security threat. Although STG programs such as the one used in the Arizona prison system are not uncommon, do you think every jail or correctional facility should operate this type of program? And given the opportunity, what additional criteria would you use when assessing an inmate’s potential threat to the security of a prison?

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