Devry HSOP410 Week 7 chapter assignment

| July 29, 2018

Chapter Questions
Chapter 12 – Review Questions 2, 4,
6, 9 (p. 369-370)
Review Questions

2. What is the difference between employee development and training?
4. How are you, as an owner/manager, involved in behavior modeling?
6. Traditionally, employee training in restaurants has been
unstructured—that is, there are no formal classes, formal instructional
materials, or particular trainers. How will you set up your training program,
if any?
9. How will you get across your do’s and don’ts—your policies about
stealing, courtesy to patrons, parking rules, eating on the job, and so on?
Chapter 13 – Review Questions 1, 2,
4, 7 (p. 389)
· 1. Service personnel must be aware
of the degree of social distance desired by their customers. Explain.
· 2. As a restaurant manager, your
attention is called by a server to a booth of four men who are talking loudly,
using profanity, and appear to be belligerent. How would you handle the
· 4. Eye contact is particularly
important in patron relations. Explain.
· 7. What are three phrases suitable
for use by a hostess in greeting patrons? What are three phrases for saying good-bye
to them?

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