Devry HSOP410 Week 5 assignment

| August 31, 2017

Chapter Questions
Chapter 10 – Internet Exercise (p. 312)

Internet Exercise

Go to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Web site (”> and answer the following questions:

? What types of equal opportunity training and outreach programs are currently available?

? What current topics are discussed under the “Statistics” link?

? What are the current statistics under the “Sexual Harassment” link?

? Go to the “Filing A Charge” link. What information needs to be provided in order to file a charge?

Chapter 11 – Internet Exercise (p. 347)

Internet Exercises

Surf the Web for restaurant sites, including restaurants that have “positions available” posted. Then, having gained some information from them, create your own ad—one for a front-of-the-house and one for a back-of-the-house position, for your restaurant.

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