devry comp122 week 5 discussions latest 2015

| February 14, 2018

week 5Prob. Decomp. and Recognizing Functions (graded)Most programming problems are quite large and difficult to fully understand. One approach to dealing with such a problem is to decompose the problem into smaller sub-problems (divide and conquer). Each sub-problem may then be further broken down into even smaller problems (stepwise refinement). Eventually, each remaining problem is small enough to develop a function for. Think about software systems you have used (i.e. word processor, web server, calculator, iPod, etc.) and identify some of the main functions that those systems would need.Passing Data Between Functions (graded)Functions would not be very useful if there were no way to pass information between them. Let’s use this thread to discuss the mechanisms that functions use to communicate with each other. How does a caller provide values to a called function? How does a called function present a result to the caller? How do pass by value and pass by reference work? What determines when each technique should be used?

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